Saturday, February 7, 2009


The first podcast I listed to was This week in Photography. They were discussing taking photos at the inauguration ceremony. This podcast would be a great one to listen to in a photography class. They are being very informative about different angles of taking pictures. Instead of taking a bunch of pictures of the president, he choose to take pictures of the people around him and their reactions. I enjoyed this podcast because I absolutely love to take pictures.

The second podcast I listened to was Kidcast. He was actually talking about students making podcast's. He feels like students aren't doing podcast's for the right purpose. We need to teach our students why they should do podcast's and what their use is. Push the students to do research on something they like and make a podcast about it. When students are researching something they like, they will catch the concept better.

The third podcast I listened to was Smartboard Lessons. I was particularly interested in the podcast because I have been substitute teaching in classrooms with smartboards. I was curious to learn more about them. In this podcast they were giving great websites and software that teachers could use in their classrooms with the smartboard. I love the smartboard's because you can write notes on it and they show up on the board and can also be saved and used at a later time. Technology is a wonderful thing. We should all take advantage of it.

The last podcast I listened to was Macbreak Weekly. As I was listening to this podcast, it truly hit me how great they are. It is like having a audio handbook on almost anything, right at your fingertips. When I was in high school I had no idea what a blog was, much less a podcast. Times are changing every day and we have to change with them. They happened to be talking about different levels of technology with computers and other things.

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