Sunday, May 3, 2009

My EDM 310 Blog Assignments are Now Complete

I have truly enjoyed this class and the people in it. We will have to keep up on twitter. : ) I hope to continue with a blog and wish everyone well in the future.

What I learned in EDM 310

1. When I started in EDM 310 I had never heard of a podcast of Google Documents. Of all the things I learned in this class I will use Google Docs. I feel it is a great tool to use in my classroom because it is free and my students can access it from home, as well as school. I think blogs are a great way for my students to express their feelings and opinions. Podcasts are a great tool for communicating information to my students about subjects we are dealing with in our classroom. Itunes is a wonderful thing to use. It can also be accessed by my students from home. ACCESS and ALEX are very useful for all teachers.
2. One thing I wish we would have done more of was learning what the best way is to keep a gradebook on-line and in Google Spreadsheets.
3. Twitter is one thing I didn't find useful in this class. It is a bunch of status updates.