Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dr. Christie's Internet Resources and Tools: IM

When I started looking at what she had on IM, it took me back to being in high school and writing notes in class. When we would write notes and the teacher would take it up in class, there would be some "IM lingo" and the teacher would have no idea what it meant. When I started reading the lingo and abbreviations there were some I have never even seen. I think this would be a useful tool for teachers to use to understand what their students are talking or writing about. It could also be a bad thing though because students have started using this lingo in professional papers, and we as teachers have to make them understand that is not appropriate for papers for school.


After reading these articles, I don't think I will ever be able to trust Wikipedia again. I had no idea that anyone could change information on Wikipedia. Things can be very misleading when you read the many different versions that have been out there.From this point forward I will not be using Wikipedia as a source for anything I am looking for, especially papers for school.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last Lecture

I loved this lecture! It has always been hard for me to stay focused during lectures, but he kept me focused the entire time. My favorite thing he said was, "when people stop caring what you are doing, then that means they have given up on you." It moved me. I never want to be the one that gives up on my students. I think that is a very good philosophy for teaching.
When he discussed the analogy about brick walls it made me think. Brink walls really are there to stop the people who don't want it badly enough. I want to in a sense put up some brick walls for my students to overcome. Students should want to try their hardest and do their very best. When I stop and think, I remember the teachers who made school challenging the most.
"Wait long enough and people will surprise and impress you." This is a quote to live by. This not only applies to school and teaching, but everyday life. This can be applied to relationships, parents, or siblings. People come around in their own time and we have to respect that. Life is too short to hole grudges and be angry with one another over little things. You never know when your students will do something to surprise you.
I love that his program was a project based program. I think students learn more just by experiencing things. I plan on implementing hands on activities and projects to test my students. I feel learning should not be boring. That's why students lose interest in school. We as teachers have to be the ones to find the best ways to get to out students. This lecture is something I will refer back to in the future.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Customer Service

The Fischbowl blog I chose to write about is "Customer Service". In this particular blog, the guy is a tech support for a high school. He is the main person the staff and students come to if they are having difficulty with any of the technology in the school. He started noticing when someone would come to him for help, instead of showing them how to fix it themselves, he would just do it for them. He referred to this as bad "customer service".
I agree with everything he says in this blog. As a teacher, we are required to teach our students how to do things, not just do it for them. We really are providing a service to our students and owe it to them to make sure they are successful. I will save this blog and come back to it to remind myself what I should be doing as a teacher.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Podcasts from last semester

The first podcast I listened to was a podcast done by Ashley Cleveland, Erica Sledge, and Shyane Fant. This podcast was on different websites useful for teachers and to use in their classrooms. Overall, this was a very good podcast. They spoke very clearly and loud enough to hear them. One way this podcast could have been better was less use of the word "um". Another way would have been to have more interaction with each other and responding to each others websites. I will do my best to keep these things in mind when doing my podcast. This is the link to the podcast:

The second podcast I listened to was a podcast done by Kathryn Bentley, Kerrie Owens and Hanna Nolan . This podcast was about how technology was used in their classes. Foliotek was one of the sources of technology talked about. In this podcast the individuals doing this podcast were more interactive with each than the last group I listened to. They talked about USA Online as well. This is a very good podcast to listen to if you are considering going to The University of South Alabama. This was a very good podcast. This is the link to the podcast:

Saturday, February 7, 2009


The first podcast I listed to was This week in Photography. They were discussing taking photos at the inauguration ceremony. This podcast would be a great one to listen to in a photography class. They are being very informative about different angles of taking pictures. Instead of taking a bunch of pictures of the president, he choose to take pictures of the people around him and their reactions. I enjoyed this podcast because I absolutely love to take pictures.

The second podcast I listened to was Kidcast. He was actually talking about students making podcast's. He feels like students aren't doing podcast's for the right purpose. We need to teach our students why they should do podcast's and what their use is. Push the students to do research on something they like and make a podcast about it. When students are researching something they like, they will catch the concept better.

The third podcast I listened to was Smartboard Lessons. I was particularly interested in the podcast because I have been substitute teaching in classrooms with smartboards. I was curious to learn more about them. In this podcast they were giving great websites and software that teachers could use in their classrooms with the smartboard. I love the smartboard's because you can write notes on it and they show up on the board and can also be saved and used at a later time. Technology is a wonderful thing. We should all take advantage of it.

The last podcast I listened to was Macbreak Weekly. As I was listening to this podcast, it truly hit me how great they are. It is like having a audio handbook on almost anything, right at your fingertips. When I was in high school I had no idea what a blog was, much less a podcast. Times are changing every day and we have to change with them. They happened to be talking about different levels of technology with computers and other things.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Fischbowl

When reading this blog I went back to the thoughts of a conversation I was having with my mom just the other night. I was explaining to her how helpful technology can be in teaching and how these days four year old children know more about technology than some adults. It is sad to me when I hear an older teacher say "well that's not how we did it". Times change and people have to change with it in some ways.

It is almost impossible to find a job that does not use technology in some way. Even fast food restaurants use technology. I think the Internet is a great tool for students. You can find almost anything on Google. If a student leaves their book at school and needs help with their homework, all they have to do is go to the Internet and search. I think it also teaches students how to do research. How will we ever better ourselves without doing research? Technology is a wonderful teaching tool.