Monday, January 26, 2009

International Schools using blogs

International Classroom

The first international school I found that uses blogging was Sandaig Primary School in the city of Glasgow, Scotland. The school posts pictures and updates about what is going on in the school. It seems a lot like schools in the United States. On the particular day I found this blog, there was a post about a talent show and a picture of the little girls that won. This blog is very informative.

International Classroom

The second class blog I found was Kathy Cassidy's first grade class in Moose Jaw, Canada. She had videos with educational strategies. She had a list of all her students in her class. There was a student section with all the blog entries from the students. It was very fascinating for me to see what first graders think about. I think it's a great way for children to express their feelings that sometimes would just be held inside.

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