Sunday, January 25, 2009

American Classrooms using Blogs

American Classrooms

The first classroom blog I found was Mr. Langhorst’s 8th grade American History classroom blog, at South Valley Junior High in Liberty, Missour. This is a wonderful blog. There is a parents page to keep them informed, as well as a page to keep the students informed. The podcasts he has for the students are very beneficial because then when the children go home and don't take very good notes they can get on the class blog and look at a podcast on that subject from the day. He has contact pages and many ways to stay connected with parents and students. Here is the link to his class blog:

The second classroom blog I found was Mr. Miller's English 10 classroom blog at BHS iAmerican Classroomn Branford Conneticut. He provides them with different ways to get in touch with him, as well as lists of their assignments for the upcoming months of school. The class does assignments through the blog, which is teaching them about technology at the same time as English. Here is the link to his class blog:

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