Sunday, January 11, 2009


The Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) is a large database of K-12 course plans from the state of Alabama. ALEX also provides distance learning. ALEX provides a place where teachers can go and prepare lesson plans, as well as search for lesson place. Each teacher can make their own personal workspace. Teachers are able to share lessons with each other. ALEX provides lessons plans not only for traditional subjects, but many other parts of education. Most of the lessons even have a time listed with them as to how long they will take to perform.

As a teacher I would love to utilize this website. It is a wonderful way of seeing someone else's point of view of teaching something. It is also very helpful that a time is listed with them. The web links that ALEX provides are also a useful tool for teachers. I knew lesson plan websites existed, but I never knew one with such a broad rang of types of lesson plans was out there. I will definitely use this website in the future.

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